ND0-301182-R - MX-5 Silicone Performance Air Intake Hose Red
Genuine I.L.Motorsport part, high quality silicone performance air intake hose.

This flexible joint replaces the OEM flex hose that causes disruptions in the airflow (especially the flex part of the OEM hose)
Due to the reduced number of ribs this hose will absorb noise more efficiently and the much larger flow area a better airflow is created that results in better acceleration respons.
Next to the improved an smoother intake tract the re designed ribs will absorb vibrations from the engine more efficiently.

Next to the extra performance your engine bay will also have a nice colour accent.

Installation is very easy, just exchange this silicone performance part for the OEM part and enjoy!


MK4 2015 - all 1.5l models
MK4 RF 2016 - all 1.5l models
63,90 €